What we do


In 2014, the Lendahand Foundation launched the training of entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Soon after, the activities extended to Ghana and Mongolia. Overall, we have been able to provide 22 training courses and train 456 entrepreneurs to date. Providing training to SME entrepreneurs in emerging markets is the core activity of the Lendahand Foundation. The first two years we have focused on providing one-day capacity building training in financial management, tax, marketing and sales, product development and corporate social responsibility. We always work with local partners who carry out the training. 

Lendahand Academy

From the second half of 2016, training will be given a more structured character. The Lendahand Academy is currently under development and will include two levels. In each level there will be four modules offered aimed at the acquisition of practical skills. After completing each level, the entrepreneurs receive a certificate. For many, this is the first certificate they will have received in their lifetime. Alumni of the Academy Lendahand will become a part of the international Lendahand Consultancy Network. This network will allow entrepreneurs to contact fellow entrepreneurs in their country or abroad in order to continue to learn from each other. 

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Lendahand Expert Network

The Lendahand Expert Network provides specialized business advice and technical assistance to local SMEs in our network. Besides growing its own expert network, the Foundation has also entered into a partnership with PUM, a large Dutch network of experienced volunteer experts.