Shinebayar is one of the first Mongolian entrepreneurs that got a loan through the Lendahand crowdfunding platform. In January 2016 he participated in the capacity building session on Financial Management and Bookkeeping. He has recently completed the full Lendahand Academy and has gotten his first diploma. Because he dropped out of school when he was sixteen years old, he is verry happy that he can now educate himself by taking part in the trainings offered by the Lendahand Foundation. 

''In a next training session I would very much like to learn how to write a business plan.''

A career without an education
Shinebayar is just 29 years old, but already has a very succesful auto repair shop. After he dropped out of school at sixteen years old, he joined the army for a year. He then went on and joined a local Toyota dealer where he learned to fix cars. In 2011 he started his own business. Soon he started selling spare parts next to only repairing cars. Since a couple of years he started buying and selling cars as well. He mostly purchases luxurious cars (around EUR 4,000) and sells them after he has fixed them for around EUR 5,000. He mostly deals via Facebook. 

Although his brother is in charge of sales, Shinebayar talks like a real car salesman: fast and with passion. My interpreter, Agizul, can barely keep up. Shinebayar sells around 4 to 5 cars per month, which enables him to cover his business expenses as well as provide for his family (wife and baby boy). He is even able to set some money aside for the future.