Lendahand Mesofinance 

The Lendahand Foundation collaborates with Lendahand Mesofinance, a crowdfunding platform that provides loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. The combination of training (Lendahand Foundation) and affordable credit (Lendahand Mesofinance) is a unique and effective way to strengthen SMEs. Combining affordable capital + training provides a case of 1 + 1 = 3. In this way we create jobs and we fight poverty.

Lendahand Mesofinance and Lendahand Foundation are two separate entities. The Foundation has an independent board and management. Lendahand Mesofinance is a social enterprise and a certified B Corp. B-Corp is the label for companies that meet strict requirements for sustainability and social impact. 

Working with Lendahand Mesofinances provides following benefits for the Foundation:  

  • Free office space 
  • Access to local partners and through them to local entrepreneurs 
  • Employees of Lendahand Mesofinance who do volunteer work
  • 5 % of annual revenue is donated to the Foundation

Local partners

We always carry out training in cooperation with local partners who have a better understanding of the local context and are closer to the entrepreneurs. 

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Are you an investor at Lendahand? Do you recognise your entrepreneur? 

In February 2016, the first twenty Mongolian entrepreneurs received training. Do you recognise the entrepreneur you have funded? Dulamsuren, the first entrepreneur we provided a loan to is among them. Minjin too. She opened the doors of her language school eight years ago. Who else do you recognise?

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