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We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create jobs and reduce poverty. Knowledge plays a crucial role in this. Entrepreneurs in emerging economies are well equipped to become the engines of economic development and employment. The problem is that their access to knowledge and education is limited. We want to change this!

The Lendahand Academy provides local SMEs with relevant knowledge and skills to strengthen and grow their business. The Academy provides training modules on business model development, financial management, marketing & sales, and business pitching. All training modules are practical, interactive and adapted to the local context.

We cooperate closely with Lendahand Mesofinance, a crowdfunding platform that provides affordable loans to SME entrepreneurs in emerging markets. The unique combination of providing SME support (Lendahand Foundation) and affordable capital (Lendahand Mesofinance) creates a leverage effect in developing future proof SMEs. Truly, 1+1=3.


Shinebayar dropped out of school when he was sixteen. In May 2017 he graduated from the Lendahand Academy and got his first diploma!

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John Alforque

Building local school chairs from residual material? Why not! John: "I am a successful entrepreneur and with this, I can give back to the community."

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Ann Margaret

In 2016, we started the first Academy trainings in the Philippines. Ann Margaret, CEO of Eslan Eduforum, was one of the entrepreneurs who participated in this.

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